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Roxy Coss: Disparate Parts Ep. 76

Roxy Coss is a saxophonist, Composer, Bandleader, Recording Artist, Educator, and Activist (Founder and President of WIJO). Sounds busy, huh? We didn’t even mention that she recently became a new mother! Anyone with even half as busy a life could testify that it’s easy to get caught up in so many different roles. Without hardly noticing, you start to compartmentalize. 

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Anna Laura Quinn: Open the Door – Episode 71

If you’re looking for a fresh take on a familiar tune, Anna Laura Quinn has the song for you. Each recording on her debut album Open the Door is a delightful surprise. “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” is reinvented as a bluesy, groove track. “Open the Door,” is cloaked in beautiful, ethereal sound. And “Love for Sale” gets the dark, mysterious makeover its lyrics have been waiting for. Anna Laura is a stunning vocalist, but she’s also a genius arranger.

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