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Rowan Flack: The Calling – Ep. 83

About Rowan Flack

During the pandemic lockdown, when doors were shuttered and people were cut off from one another, Rowan Flack was dreaming about wide open spaces. And writing about them in her new single, “The Calling.” 

“The Calling” is a dreamy tune featuring an intimate setting of voice and piano. Rowan’s poetry-inspired lyrics are a perfect pairing for the playing of Deschanel Gordon (BBC Young Jazz Musician 2020). Together they help us break free from the constraints of everyday life and find solace in the calling of the mountains. 

Tune in to get to know Rowan Flack and learn more about her follow-up EP, coming soon in 2023!


Learn more about Rowan Flack on her website or social media. You can find “The Calling” anywhere you stream music, or purchase it from Amazon music.

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