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Liam Forde: Great to Be Here – Episode 76

About Liam Forde

Meet Liam Forde: a connoisseur of all things music, elegance, and food. He’s a hopeless romantic with one foot in 2022 and one foot in the world of the 1930s nightclubs. One listen to his latest album Great To Be Here and you’ll be floating back in time to old New York where grand hotels and chique elegance reign supreme.

A middle-class child from a modest home, Liam found himself drawn to the grandiose world of music by a next-door neighbor who taught him how to make tomato sauce and pie dough — love classical music. Later, he found himself entirely captivated by his sister’s CD of Ella Fitzgerald’s “The Best of the Songbook.” The sweeping melodies, chromatic harmonies, and grandiose performances captured his imagination as a young boy – and hasn’t stopped since.

In Great To Be Here, Liam sings about grandeur monuments, like the “Plaza Hotel” and “Paris When It’s Grey.” He also opens up about artists’ insecurities — and learning to love your music whether or not the audience does — in the song “I Don’t Know.” Additionally, Liam comments on finding happiness in little things during a worldwide pandemic in “When My Word’s in Tune” and “Gratitude Song.”

Get to know Liam Forde in this episode of Bite-Size Jazz! He talks about his favorite dishes, his love for France, and finding confidence in your music. He also talks about getting started in New York, his acting career, and what makes a great teacher. Take 10 minutes to check out Liam Forde’s new music!

You can also hear Liam Forde LIVE at Birdland in New York on June 13th @ 8:30 PM EST! Purchase tickets here to reserve your seat today.


Learn more about Liam Forde on his website, Instagram, or Facebook. You can find Great To Be Here wherever you stream music. It’s also available for purchase from Amazon Music or his website.

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