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In a Listening Rut? Find New Music & New Artists in Less Than 10 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to find new jazz artists to listen to, only to be overwhelmed by all the unfamiliar names and album titles? Did you want to figure out who these people were and what their music is about without conducting a thousand mini research projects?

Me too. When you’re looking for jazz artists releasing music today, the options are limitless. But without any background knowledge of who these artists are, they start to blend together. That’s why Bite-Size Jazz is dedicated to sharing artist stories to bring context and appreciation to today’s jazz musicians. Each episode gives you the inside scoop on a brand new album and artist — in their own words. They open up about personal stories that inspired original songs, describe the arrangement process, and share their musical journey. Plus, we share short clips of music that give you an idea of their sound.

Start listening to fall in love with a new album and artist — it just takes 10 minutes!