48 Terence Thompson: If I Only Had A Band

Terence Thompson brings his positivity and joy for life into his album If I Only Had A Band. Whether it’s embracing the day through his track “Good Morning,” or feeling welcomed into a warm, inviting restaurant like in “Yassie’s Cafe,” If I Only Had A Band will have you feeling good for all 20 tracks.

Jazz Vocalist Samara Joy debut album

47 Samara Joy

Jazz Vocalist Samara Joy opens up about her climb into the jazz limelight and the inspiration behind her self-titled debut album.

46 Andrew Renfroe: Run in the Storm

Jazz guitarist Andrew Renfroe opens up about the terrible thunderstorm that almost sunk his family’s boat — and inspired his latest album Run in the Storm

45 Rebecca Angel: Love, Life, Choices

Love, Life, Music. Jazz vocalist Rebecca Angel’s latest album reflects her journey through the last year. Each song, whether it’s reggae, bossa nova, pop, or jazz, drives the theme of the album. And Rebecca Angel isn’t afraid to open up about the stories behind her music.

44 Jeremy Pelt – Griot: This is Important!

The term “griot” originates from a West African tradition of a traveling storyteller, poet, or musician. They journeyed abroad sharing tales of those who came before in order to pass on their ancestor’s traditions. Trumpeter, educator, producer, and now author Jeremy Pelt has become a griot for the tradition of jazz in America.

43 James Brandon Lewis: Jesup Wagon

Jazz saxophonist James Brandon Lewis talks about his new album: Jesup Wagon inspired by scientist George Washington Carver in this new podcast episode of Bite-Size Jazz

42 Billy Stritch: Billy’s Place

Jazz pianist Billy Stritch talks about his love for the Great American Songbook and his weekly livestream concerts in this jazz podcast.

41 Molly Miller: St. George

Guitarist Molly Miller discusses the inspiration behind her new jazz album, St. George, her time touring with Jason Miraz, and her new jazz trio in this jazz podcast.

40 Cyrille Aimée & Michael Valeanu: I’ll Be Seeing You

Cyrille Aimée and Michael Valeanu say their work as a duo started when their band couldn’t make it to a gig in Ohio because of a snowstorm – but after the response from the audience, they realized they could keep it going. One time in Milan, they had four encores as a duo! Their album I’ll Be Seeing You reflects their collaboration and relationship over the last decade.

39 Caity Gyorgy: Now Pronouncing

At 23-years-old, Caity Gyorgy is already an adept lyricist, songwriter, arranger, and bandleader. Her latest EP Now Pronouncing showcases her talents along with her hand-picked 10 piece band. Inspired by the music and cinema of the 50s and 60s, her original tunes fit right within the vein of the Great American Songbook.

38 Jonathan Karrant: Shadows Fall

Jonathan Karrant didn’t grow up in the heart of Manhattan or Los Angeles, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream career. Though he may be from a small town in Arkansas, he didn’t hesitate to move to New York City straight out of high school, where he found himself on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera and American Ballet Theater, before striking out for California and finally settling into the show business of Las Vegas.

37 Simon Moullier: Countdown

“We’re trying to transcend our instruments. I think all musicians in general are trying to get to that point. When you get to a great way of expression you don’t really think about the medium, the instrument, anymore. You’re just in full expression and connection with the music.”

36 Ulysses Owens Jr: Soul Conversations

Ulysses Owens Jr. shares the inspiration behind his latest big band album Soul Conversations, along with advice for dealing with critics and why he prefers to write with a friend.

35 Alexa Tarantino: Firefly

Alexa Tarantino’s album Firefly is her third recording as a leader in the last three years. In this episode, she walks us through the composition process on tunes like “The Firefly Code,” “Surge Capacity” and “Daybreak” while also talking about the unique process of recording during a pandemic.

34 Osmond Chapman Orchestra: More Where That Came From

Singer David Osmond and Big Band Directer Caleb Chapman team up for a big hit with their new album, More Where That Came From. They laugh about what it’s like being related to Donny and Marie Osmond, how they became the dynamic duo they are today, (even accidentally becoming neighbors), and how they give the Great American Songbook a fresh sound.

29 James Hudson: Tomorrow

James Hudson opens up about his decision to fully dive into a music career despite the risk, how his love of jazz began, and how he came up with the unique arrangements for his new album Tomorrow.

28 John Pizzarelli: Better Days Ahead

John Pizzarelli says Better Days Ahead was recorded at the beginning of the pandemic, when the world was reeling from the revelation of an international pandemic, and he was reeling from the sudden death of both his parents. Those early morning practice sessions became not only a much needed lifeline, they became his next album. ⁠

14 Gabrielle Cavassa

Tune in to hear the incredible New Orleans based vocalist Gabrielle Cavassa open up about her self-titled album and her personal journey through life and love.

13 Steven Feifke: Kinetic

Feel the energy of Steven Feifke’s new single “Kinetic” in an interview with this talented pianist, bandleader and composer!


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