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Simeon Davis: Of Narratives & Nocturnes – Ep. 82

About Simeon Davis

This summer, Simeon Davis released the album, Of Narratives & Nocturnes. And it’s truly all about the narrative. 

If you like a good story, you’ll love Simeon’s music. His music doesn’t just tell a story — the band members are acting out the narrative, role-playing their individual themes. They’re more like thespians than musicians. In his hands, a band becomes a boat rocking across the ocean, a keyboard takes on the voice of God, and a guitar whispers the beguilings of the devil. 

In this episode, we dive into two tracks from the album, “Eden” and “Pleiades” whose respective inspirations come from religion and Greek mythology. Tune in to hear how Simeon paints the canvas of these ancient worlds through instruments and voice — it just takes 10 minutes. 


Learn more about Simeon through his bio or social media. You can find Of Narratives & Nocturnes anywhere you stream music, and it’s available for purchase through Amazon Music.

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