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Richard Shelton: An Englishman in Love in LA – Ep 78

About Richard Shelton

As the “world’s leading dramatic interpreter of Frank Sinatra,” Richard Shelton certainly holds a unique relationship to the legend. He’s portrayed Sinatra in the critically acclaimed shows Rat Pack Confidential and Sinatra: Raw. But it doesn’t stop there: he’s got a crooning voice of his own that swings superbly through original music. 

An Englishman in Love in LA holds a little something for everyone. Old favorites from Frank Sinatra are mixed with masterful new tunes by LA bassist and composer Alex Frank, and former BBC ‘Young Composer of the Year’ Alex Rudd. Whether it’s a sorrowful melody about the double-edged sword of love or a song about the courage to chase your dreams: Richard Shelton’s voice is a perfect fit. 

Listen to the full episode to check out the new music from Richard Shelton. You’ll learn more about his early connection to Frank Sinatra, the stories behind the original music, and also learn more about his acting career (hint: he’s been on some TV shows you might recognize). Hit play to find out!


Learn more about Richard Shelton on his website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. An Englishman in Love in LA is available anywhere you stream music. It’s also available for purchase through Amazon Music

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