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Joe Alterman: The Upside of Down – Ep 79

About Joe Alterman

Meet Joe Alterman, the boy who wanted to play Bluegrass guitar and instead became a jazz pianist. And one hell of a jazz pianist at that.

Not only will you love Joe’s playing and original compositions – he’s got some great stories about jazz masters we all know and love. From his college days at NYU, working at the Blue Note, to his continued relationship with the great Les McCann, he passes on the lessons they shared with him. Plus, you’ll get a kick out of the story behind the title of the track “Don’t Forget to Love Yourself,” co-written with Les McCann.

Tune in to hear Joe’s story and fall in love with his music. It only takes 10 minutes!


Learn more about Joe Alterman on his website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You can find The Upside of Down anywhere you stream music, and it’s available for purchase through Amazon Music.

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