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The Baylor Project: Generations – Episode 67

The Baylor Project Summary

“Never compare your season to someone else’s.”

Jean and Marcus Baylor have experienced many different seasons during their lives. Jean found success in the 90s as half of the duo Zhane. Marcus rose to prominence in the early 2000s as the drummer for the Yellowjackets. And now they’re in a new season of musical creation — together this time — as The Baylor Project.

Since 2017, they’ve started their own label, Be a Light, released two albums, been nominated four times for a Grammy (the latest for their album, Generations), and recently partnered with the legendary Motown Gospel label. Marcus notes that it’s a good thing you take the journey one step at a time. If you knew at the beginning what kind of work it would take to get where you are now — would you have had the bandwidth to say yes?

Whatever you’re trying to achieve, it’s all about persistence and staying consistent. It’s as true for a musical vision as it is for a marriage. Jean and Marcus Baylor have been together for 20 years now, and they say it’s important to both love and like each other (there is a difference). They’ve built their marriage on a foundation of friendship that carries them through the inevitable ups and downs of any relationship. But how did it all start? Jean and Marcus lightheartedly banter over the story of how they met — but you’ll have to tune in to hear all the details.

Listen to the full interview to get to know Jean and Marcus Baylor. They talk about how The Baylor Project began, how they are bringing together Generations of musicians through their album, and the creative process behind their original songs.


Learn more about The Baylor Project on their website. You can find their album Generations anywhere you stream music. It’s also available for purchase through their website or Amazon Music.

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