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Terence Thompson: If I Only Had A Band – Episode 48

About Terence Thompson

Terence Thompson brings his positivity and joy for life into his album If I Only Had A Band. Whether it’s embracing the day through his track “Good Morning,” or feeling welcomed into a warm, inviting restaurant like in “Yassie’s Cafe,” If I Only Had A Band will have you feeling good for all 20 tracks.

It’s not just the message that feels good — each tune really grooves. Terence combines his rap and R&B influence into this pseudo-jazz offering. While rap might seem like a far cry from jazz, Terence says they’re really not so different — he even calls them intertwined. Each genre carries similar themes, both are continually trying to push the envelope creatively, and they’re both truly American art forms. And, as he says, great music is great music.

Terence Thompson is also a notable and versatile producer for hundreds of independent artists and has collaborated with some major artists — he worked with producer Teddy Riley on the song “Heaven Can Wait” on Michael Jackson’s Invincible album, and can also be heard on Monifah’s “Too Late” and “How Ya Gonna Luv Me.” He brings that expertise to his own songwriting, along with a team of wonderful musicians.

Listen to the full interview with Terence Thompson to learn more about how he transitioned from DJing as a teenager to a versatile producer, what his role as producer entails, and the stories behind his album If I Only Had A Band.

“It IS a good morning. No matter what it is or what’s going on in life — there’s always someone else in a different situation.”

Terence Thompson

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