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Roxy Coss: Disparate Parts Ep. 76

Roxy Coss is a saxophonist, Composer, Bandleader, Recording Artist, Educator, and Activist (Founder and President of WIJO). Sounds busy, huh? We didn’t even mention that she recently became a new mother! Anyone with even half as busy a life could testify that it’s easy to get caught up in so many different roles. Without hardly noticing, you start to compartmentalize. 

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Anna Laura Quinn: Open the Door – Episode 71

If you’re looking for a fresh take on a familiar tune, Anna Laura Quinn has the song for you. Each recording on her debut album Open the Door is a delightful surprise. “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” is reinvented as a bluesy, groove track. “Open the Door,” is cloaked in beautiful, ethereal sound. And “Love for Sale” gets the dark, mysterious makeover its lyrics have been waiting for. Anna Laura is a stunning vocalist, but she’s also a genius arranger.

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Leonor Falcón: Imaga Mondo Vol. II – Episode 70

Leonor Falcón is no stranger to the violin or viola — she’s been studying it since her childhood placement in a Venezuelan music charter school. Every morning, she attended traditional academic classes, while her afternoons were filled with orchestra and small ensemble rehearsals. The central focus was mastering the instrument to reach the top level of orchestra. And though her school days were filled with classical music — her home was filled with the sounds of rock, jazz, and pop. Eventually, these genres called her to New York to study jazz and improvisation.

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The Baylor Project: Generations – Episode 67

“Never compare your season to someone else’s.” Jean and Marcus Baylor have experienced many different seasons during their lives. Jean found success in the 90s as half of the duo Zhane. Marcus rose to prominence in the early 2000s as the drummer for the Yellowjackets. And now they’re in a new season of musical creation — together this time — as The Baylor Project.

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