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Staci Griesbach: My George Jones Songbook – Ep. 84

About Staci Griesbach

What do Ella Fitzgerald and Patsy Cline have in common? They were both considered the epitome of their respective styles of music. They have both influenced hundreds of other musical artists. And Staci Griesbach can knock your socks off singing either woman’s music.

Some people wouldn’t put country and jazz in the same boat. But after years of listening to both genres, Staci realized they weren’t so different after all. Not only are both styles “born in America” — they have similar emotional undercurrents. A good lyric, paired with a good melody, that moves the listener every time.

If you’re not convinced yet – just give Staci Griesbach’s latest album, My George Jones Songbook, a listen. You might become a country fan just yet. Tune in for 10 minutes to hear Staci’s take on her latest album!


Learn more about Staci Griesbach on her website or social media. You can find My George Jones Songbook anywhere you stream music, and it’s available for purchase through Amazon Music.

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