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37 Simon Moullier: Countdown

Interview Summary

“We’re trying to transcend our instruments. I think all musicians in general are trying to get to that point. When you get to a great way of expression you don’t really think about the medium, the instrument, anymore. You’re just in full expression and connection with the music.”

Simon Moullier

Vibraphonist Simon Moullier brings full expression to his latest album, Countdown. It’s his second album, featuring drummer JK Kim and bassist Luca Allemanno. While his first album Spirit Song is mostly originals, Countdown explores jazz standards arranged so creatively, they almost sound like originals. 

In this episode, we break down the amount of work it takes to bring a great arrangement to your band, how Simon Moullier finds new ideas for songs, and how Berklee’s community outreach program changed the way he sees music. 

Learn more about Simon Moullier here and find his full album here.

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