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Sasha Dobson: Girl Talk – Episode 49

About Sasha Dobson

Growing up with parents like singer Gail Dobson, and the late pianist Smith Dobson, Sasha Dobson nurtured a love for jazz from a young age. However, she wasn’t afraid to embrace other genres on her musical journey. When her father suddenly passed away in a tragic car accident, the personal history and weight attached to jazz felt too heavy for Sasha to sing.

Looking for a new creative outlet, Sasha started flirting with the idea of playing the guitar. It blossomed into a love for songwriting and Americana music — even starting the band Puss n Boots along with Norah Jones and Catherine Popper. But all those years of curating a love for jazz stirred up a renewed interest in Sasha, and she’s returned to her jazz roots with her latest album, Girl Talk.

Listen to the full interview with jazz vocalist Sasha Dobson to learn more about her diverse musical journey, why it’s never too late to try something new, and the inspiration behind her original tunes “You’re the Death of Me” and “Better Days.”

“If you do something that matters to yourself, then all the extra stuff — whether people like it or not — has less importance. If it’s self-fulfilling, you can’t lose.”

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Learn more about Sasha Dobson at You can find Girl Talk anywhere you stream music. It’s also available for purchase onAmazon Music.

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