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Rebecca Angel: Love, Life, Choices – Episode 45

About Rebecca Angel

Love, Life, Music. Jazz vocalist Rebecca Angel’s latest album reflects her journey through the last year. Love — Rebecca was one of the brave brides to get married during the pandemic. Life — is about rolling with the punches and learning how to cope with the tragedies of the last year. Choices — choosing to move forward in these trying times and focusing on how we can change instead of lamenting what is beyond our control.

Each song, whether it’s reggae, bossa nova, pop, or jazz, drives the theme of the album. And Rebecca Angel isn’t afraid to open up about the stories behind her music. In this episode of Bite-Size Jazz, Rebecca talks about how the song “Just the Two of Us” brought her and her now-husband together, the dream that sparked the lyrics for Erik Satie’s “Gymnopdie,” and how the lyrics to “Summer Song” came to her while she was brushing her teeth. Listen to the full Bite-Size Jazz interview to learn more about Rebecca Angel and her album Love, Life, Choices.

“There’s so much outside of our control, but there’s a lot we can control to move forward and not let circumstances control our destiny”

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Learn more about Rebecca Angel at You can find Love, Life, Choices anywhere you stream music. It’s also available for purchase on Amazon Music.

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