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Osmond Chapman Orchestra: More Where That Came From – Episode 34

About the Osmond Chapman Orchestra

David Osmond and Caleb Chapman’s new album More Where That Came From mixes the Great American Songbook with pop and original tunes into what they call a “New American Songbook.” Laugh along with David and Caleb as they tell us the story of how their album came together and how they became the dynamic duo they are today (even accidentally becoming next-door neighbors at one point). 

With Caleb’s extensive jazz background (previous President of the Jazz Education Network and director of the Crescent Super Band, which has won many prestigious jazz awards), and David’s background in show business (yes, he’s part of THE Osmond family, nephew to Donny and Marie), they seemed like a bit of an odd couple at first. But Caleb says it was the perfect way to take world-class musicians and arrangements and pair them with a vocalist who could take the music in a whole new direction. 

Along with snippets from the album, you’ll get to hear about their collaborative effort with songwriter Roger Brown from Nashville, the award-winning musicians they perform with from Caleb’s music program The Sound House, and why both quality music and entertainment matter. 

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