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Nick Finzer: Out of Focus – Episode 64

About Nick Finzer

Everybody has heard solo piano concerts and solo guitar gigs. But how often do you listen to solo trombone music?

After listening to Nick Finzer’s latest album Out of Focus, you’ll think about listening to solo trombone more often. Whether it’s a solo arrangement of Duke Ellington’s “A Single Petal of a Rose” or a 15 trombone arrangement of “Mood Indigo” (with all parts except bass trombone played by Finzer), Out of Focus gives the trombone a whole new dimension.

But how do you write for 15 trombones anyways? Or how do you add texture to an arrangement for a single-note instrument? As jazz musicians, it’s easy to fall into a trap of cramming as much as you can into any given song. But the truth is, you probably don’t need to play 17 choruses on that ballad. Nick reminds us that sometimes stripping a song back to the original melody IS unique — and maybe it’s all you really need.

Listen to the full interview with trombonist Nick Finzer to hear his input on great arranging. He also discusses how his company, Outside in Music, is helping artists release music without breaking the bank, and why setting aside time to be creative matters.


Learn more about Nick Finzer or his company Outside in Music on their websites. You can find Out of Focus wherever you stream music — it’s also available for purchase from Amazon music. 

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