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41 Molly Miller: St. George

“I’m not someone who’s like ‘I just play this genre.’ I play music. I play the guitar.”

Guitarist Molly Miller released St. George, which is hailed by some as a jazz album. But she’s also played with the Black-Eyed Peas and is the go-to guitarist for Jason Miraz. So where does that put her musically? Molly would say distinctions don’t matter; for her, it’s all just music.

Molly also says her trio is trying to bring the instrumental back. While there is no singing on the album, you can hear the story in the emotion in her songs, whether it’s inspired by a breakup, touring, or the street she runs on every day.

Listen to the latest episode of Bite-Size Jazz to hear Molly talk about how bassist Jennifer Condos and drummer Jay Bellerose brought clarity to her music, how she deals with performance nerves, and why she chose the name St. George (hint: It’s not because of Utah)

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Learn more about Molly Miller on her website, and find her album anywhere you stream music. It’s also available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Music. Check out her latest music video, “Spry.” 

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