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Molly Miller: St. George -Episode 41

About Molly Miller

Guitarist Molly Miller’s latest release, St. George, is hailed by some as a jazz album. But she frequently tours with Jason Mraz and she used to play for the Black Eyed Peas. So, where does that land her on the musical map? Molly says distinctions don’t matter — in the end, it’s all music.

The paramount goal of St. George is to bring new life to instrumental music. Even with no lyrics, it’s easy to hear the stories Molly tells. Inspiration stems from tough relationship, reminiscing on tour, and the street she runs on daily. And rather than playing a “shred-fest,” Molly favors clear melody and tasteful improvising.

Molly wrote most of the songs for St. George while touring. You might wonder, “How does someone have time to write music when they’re on the road?” As it turns out, it’s actually easier to write when the only thing you have to do each day is play music. Freed from the distractions of errands and endless duties, the music flows out without restraint.

Listen to the full interview with Molly Miller talk about how her bandmates brought clarity to her music, advice for handling performance nerves, and why she chose the name St. George (hint: It’s not because of Utah).

“I’m not someone who’s like ‘I just play this genre.’ I play music. I play the guitar.”


Learn more about Molly Miller on her website, and find her album anywhere you stream music. It’s also available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Music. Check out her latest music video, “Spry.” 

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