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Lucy Yeghiazaryan & Vanisha Gould – Episode 50

About Lucy Yeghiazaryan & Vanisha Gould

In Her Words tells the story of what it means to be a woman through original songs and jazz standards. While most of the world is telling women they have to be tough, masculine, and hard, Lucy Yeghiazaryan and Vanisha Gould have another idea. They believe the key to being a woman is embracing what makes them unique: the softer, gentler loving side. It also means embracing the fact that as women, we talk about love, romance, and men — a lot

Songs on their new album range from “Gypsy Feet, “a Vanisha Gould original about a non-committal woman leaving a string of broken hearts in her wake and in turn breaking her own, to Lucy Yeghiazaryan’s arrangement of Billie Holiday’s “My Man,” where Lucy opens up about the domestic abuse she witnessed in the community of Armenia where she grew up. They also talk about the whims of women checking out cute men on the sly through “Cute Boy” and the flirtations of men on city streets through “Hey Baby.” Vanisha and Lucy also discuss what it means to be a woman in New York, navigating the tough landscape of competitive musicians. They talk about why being kind makes a huge difference to musicians, even though tough love is still necessary for musical and personal development.

Listen to the full interview with jazz vocalists Lucy Yeghiazaryan and Vanisha Gould to learn more about their new jazz album In Her Words.

“Modern feminism encourages harder, more masculine elements in women and makes you feel sort of funny about being soft and gentle. I think that’s the opposite of what we need to do — I think we should embrace the fact that women are softer, more gentle, and caring, and love is at the center of all of that. To me, being a woman means embracing that, not trying to act more masculine so I can fit into society”

Lucy Yeghiazaryan

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