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Lezlie Harrison: Soul Book Vol. 1 – Episode 33

About Lezlie Harrison

Vocalist Lezlie Harrison’s debut album “Soul Book Vol. 1” brings new life to favorites from the 70s. Lezlie says though she loves the Great American Songbook, that wasn’t the music of her childhood. She grew up on music from Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gay and the Delfonics. Lezlie’s fresh takes on songs like Bill Wither’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” and Steve Wonder’s “Lately” groove with Saul Rubin on guitar, Ben Paterson on organ, and Russell Carter on the drums. 

Lezlie’s also had quite the career. Fresh out of college, she started working for WBGO, the #1 jazz radio station, then explored France as a model and singer, then came back to New York to pursue a singing career and wound up back at WBGO where you can hear her now. 

Hear more from Lezlie about her adventures and music, just hit play!


Learn more about Lezlie Harrison at her website, and check out the rest of Soul Book Vol. 1 through any streaming service. If you’d like to support her music, you can purchase the album here.

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