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Les McCann & Joe Alterman

About Les McCann & Joe Alterman

Les McCann and Joe Alterman started as mentor and protege, but have become close friends over the last decade. When Joe first met Les, all he wanted to do was play like him. But Les taught Joe to do just the opposite: to embrace his own experiences and create a unique sound. Instead of trying to be a #2 Les McCann – be a #1 Joe Alterman.

You may recognize Les McCann from his album with Eddie Harris, Swiss Movement, which features tunes like “Cold Duck Time” and “Compared to What.” It’s a great recording, but he’s also got some hidden gems, like the album Invitation to Openness. It’s a completely different aesthetic. 15 band members improvising on an idea, with no “shoulds” or “have-tos.” It’s incredible – and Les McCann dives into his early experiences that shaped the music.

Tune in to hear more about Les and Joe’s friendship, music, and lessons learned. Plus, they talk about a song they co-wrote that’s featured on Joe’s latest album. Tune in for 10 minutes!


Learn more about Joe Alterman on his website. Keep listening to Joe’s album, The Upside of Down, and Les’s album, Invitation to openness.

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