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Leonor Falcón: Imaga Mondo Vol. II – Episode 70

About Leonor Falcón

Leonor Falcón is no stranger to the violin or viola — she’s been studying it since her childhood placement in a Venezuelan music charter school. Every morning, she attended traditional academic classes, while her afternoons were filled with orchestra and small ensemble rehearsals. The central focus was mastering the instrument to reach the top level of orchestra. And though her school days were filled with classical music — her home was filled with the sounds of rock, jazz, and pop. Eventually, these genres called her to New York to study jazz and improvisation.

While in New York, Leonor discovered a love for all types of improvisation — not just jazz. She found the Avant Garde scene and other unique sounds that defy typical genre placement. Leonor also realized that learning to improvise was almost like learning a different instrument. Rather than focusing on correct notes and rhythms, she learned to let expression lead her technique. Leonor learned to accept herself and the sounds she produced in each moment.

Listen to this Bite-Size Jazz episode to learn more about Leonor Falcón and the stories behind each song on her new album, Imaga Mondo Vol. II. She talks about the fables that influenced her preceding album, Imaga Mondo Vol. I, the images that inspired songs like “Nita” and “The Monks,” and how to improvise freely with a group.


Learn more about Leonor Falcó on her website. You can find her album Imaga Mondo Vol. II anywhere you stream music.

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