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26 Le Dad and the Ninos: Nowhere Else I’d Rather Be

Based out of Salt Lake City, the band Le Dad and The Ninos say they were influenced by genres such as R&B, soul and jazz. Their music is a mesh of styles, kind of like their name, a purposely non-sensical mix of French, English and Spanish. They recently released a single, “Nowhere Else I’d Rather Be,” which they say is dedicated to Le Mom (who they’re still looking for, by the way). 

They also give us a preview of their next single “I Won’t Wait,” a musical tribute to a dear friend and fellow musician who passed away far too young. “No one spoke music like Brooks did. It was like he put all his pain and darkness into the music and it came straight through the instrument.” The song serves as a reminder of the limited time available in this life, and emphasizes the importance of showing we care while we still can. 

They plan to release the full album in late summer, recording tracks in the meantime from the drummer’s basement and a friend’s studio and dreaming of touring the US, the world, then possibly Mars and the universe they tell me. 

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