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28 John Pizzarelli: Better Days Ahead

Interview Summary

“It actually kept me sane too, I lost both my parents literally a year ago, April 1st and April 8th. It was one of those things where, I had nowhere to go, I wasn’t sleeping, so I would wake up at 6 am, think about what Pat Methany tune I wanted to learn and then go learn it.” ⁠

John Pizzarelli released the first solo guitar album of his career on April 16th – Better Days Ahead – with 13 acoustic versions of Pat Methany tunes. John says that the album was recorded at the beginning of the pandemic, when the world was reeling from the revelation of an international pandemic, and he was reeling from the sudden death of both his parents. Those early morning practice sessions became not only a much needed lifeline, they became his next album. ⁠

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