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Jeremy Pelt, Griot: This is Important! -Episode 44

About Jeremy Pelt

The term “griot” originates from a West African tradition of a traveling storyteller, poet, or musician. They journeyed abroad sharing tales of those who came before in order to pass on their ancestor’s traditions. Trumpeter, educator, producer, and now author Jeremy Pelt has become a griot for the tradition of jazz in America.

Jeremy Pelt composed his latest album Griot: This is Important! as a companion to his book Griot: Examining the Lives of Jazz’s Greatest Storytellers Vol.1. The 15 interviews contained in the book candidly discuss the history of jazz, of black musicians in America, and the importance of passing on the tradition.

Listen to the full Bite-Size Jazz interview to learn more about Jeremy Pelt’s compositional process, the people he interviewed for the book, and why understanding the history of jazz is essential to understanding the music.

“You can’t act like what came before you didn’t exist, or try to lessen the impact of those influences so that you seem more hip”

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