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Jazzmeia Horn: Dear Love – Episode 51

About Jazzmeia Horn

Jazz vocalist Jazzmeia Horn’s latest album Dear Love is a love letter to her community, family, friends, and future lover. Her music spreads warmth and positivity, encouraging us to be the eye of the hurricane by finding balance and peace amidst the chaos of society.

“Can’t Buy Me Love” reminds us that all the money in the world can’t fill the gap of genuine love. The original verses she added are a perfect pairing with the Beatles’ classic tune. “Let Us Take Our Time” teaches that love can be beautiful, romantic, even sexy, without “letting all of you hang out.” Love is most liberating when it’s dedicated. Jazzmeia openly shares the story behind “Where We Are,” a mantra she sang to keep afloat during her darkest days. It’s also a dedication to the women who brought her to this point and women all around the world working to bring the next generation forward.

Her original songs paired with stunning poetry offer a unique album — according to her research, Jazzmeia is the first female vocalist to write, arrange, and lead an entire big band album. Rather than give up when multiple labels turned down her idea, Jazzmeia started her own label: Empress Legacy Records. Armed with complete artistic freedom, she learned to write for a big band for the first time and recorded previously unreleased tracks that were turned down by other labels —and which are now receiving record airplay.

Listen to the full interview with jazz vocalist Jazzmeia Horn on Bite-Size Jazz to learn about her compositional process — including singing all the parts for the big band and then transcribing — finding a balance amid career and family responsibilities, and more stories behind the music of her new jazz album, Dear Love.

“We need to get back to love, the love that was lost”

Jazzmeia Horn

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Learn more about Jazzmeia Horn on her website. You can find Dear Love anywhere you stream music. It’s also available for purchase on Amazon Music.

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