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Jane Monheit: Come What May – Episode 27

About Jane Monheit

Jazz vocalist Jane Monheit celebrated her 20th year as a best-selling recording artist with the album Come What May. The past two decades have taken her across the globe singing to audiences in every corner of the world. While Jane is accustomed to traveling constantly — she knows the best spots in almost any airport — the pandemic has brought a unique change of pace. Rather than falling asleep in airplanes every night, Janes sings, “Let’s Take A Walk Around the Block.”

Come What May features 10 of Jane’s favorite songs, polished from performance after performance. Some are lighthearted, such as “On the Sunny Side of the Street,” others celebrate her long-time love of Brazilian music such as, “Sambo Do Aviao,” Jane’s luscious voice caresses songs like, “The Nearness of You” and “Lush Life.” Jane has sung many tunes over the years, but only recently has she felt ready to sing a song such as “Lush Life.”

Jane says, “I’m like a privileged suburban white lady. I don’t get to just sing ‘Lush Life’ without thinking about it really carefully, making sure I’ve lived enough and had enough experience to do justice to the material. It’s really important to be aware of who we are and bring honesty and sincerity to the music — and never affecting the experience of someone else that we haven’t had.”

Listen to the full interview with Jane Monheit to learn how she sings with honest expression. She also talks about her favorite places to travel, how she chooses her music, and much more.

Come What May, it’s like, here we are, we’re all doing our best, we’re not gonna let anything stop us, we’re still making music, and we’re still recording. It’s really just about us doing our best to hang in there and stick around, come what may!” ⁠

Jane Monheit


Learn more about Jane Monheit on her website. You can find Come What May anywhere you stream music — it’s also available for purchase on Amazon Music.

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