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Emmet Cohen: Future Stride – Episode 25

About Emmet Cohen

Emmet Cohen is a serious student of the lineage of jazz. Jazz is a bit of a paradigm — it leans heavily on the influence of its predecessors, but encourages musicians to endlessly test its limits. However, one must clearly understand the history before beginning to push forward.

Emmet’s album Future Stride does just that. Stride is considered a piano technique of the past, but he isn’t afraid to embrace modern techniques while playing it. For example, he resurrects the 20’s classic, “Dardanella” — a right of passage for early pianists. Rather than play it solo as many virtuoso pianists have done before, Emmet gives it a modern twist by arranging it for his trio. Rounded out with Kyle Poole on drums and Russell Hall on bass, this trio gives the song new life.

Additionally, Emmet includes original compositions like “Little Angel,” “Reflections at Dusk,” and “Toast to Lo.” “Toast to Lo” is dedicated to Lawrence ‘Lo’ Leathers, a dear friend and mentor. To give some context, Lawrence was the drummer for two of Cécile McLorin Salvant’s Grammy Award-winning albums. Unfortunately, he passed away while still in his prime, leaving a hole in the hearts of many New York musicians. Lawrence encouraged Emmet during his early days in New York, telling him, “It doesn’t matter if the other musicians know more than you. If you come in with heart, passion, and some fire — you’ll be great.”

Listen to the full interview with Emmet Cohen to learn more about the inspiration behind his latest album, Future Stride.

“I’m concerned with the lineage, and excited by the lineage of the music and the lineage of humanity, knowing that in order to understand what’s going to happen in the future, we have to understand and excavate things about the past.” 

Emmet Cohen


Learn more about Emmet Cohen at his website. You can find Future Stride anywhere you stream music. It’s also available for purchase from Amazon Music.

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