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Cyrille Aimée & Michael Valeanu -Episode 40

About Cyrille Aimée & Michael Valeanu

Cyrille Aimée and Michael Valeanu’s duo performances began unexpectedly. When a snowstorm made it impossible for the rest of the band to join them for a gig in Ohio, they decided to go on stage and perform with just the two of them. The crowd loved it. Time and time again, audiences have shown great enthusiasm for their special musical chemistry. For example, they had four encores as a duo during a show in Milan! Their album I’ll Be Seeing You captures their unique connection forged over 10 years of collaboration and friendship.

But performing with just two people isn’t easy. It requires wide-open ears and a deep trust in one another’s musical instincts. In fact, Cyrillée and Michael weren’t even in the same room when they recorded, placing an even deeper dependence on listening. Cyrillée says she finds inspiration in fresh ideas that Michael brings to the table, and vice versa. Little changes open up brand new horizons — like a new chord change or a fresh melodic idea.

In the end, the most important lesson they share is to be vulnerable. Cyrille says that, “Being vulnerable means accepting whatever comes out, even if you don’t feel like everything is 100% perfect. It means accepting you don’t have to be perfect — you just need to be present.”

Listen to the full interview with Cyrille Aimée and Michael Valeanu to learn more about their new album, I’ll Be Seeing You. They share how they remain present during performances, the inspiration behind their clever arrangements, and their unique recording process.

“What’s special is that we don’t play it the same way twice. If we do, it means we’re not really connected, we’re not really present.”

Cyrille Aimée


You can learn more about Cyrille Aimée at CyrilleMusic.dom, and Michael Valeanu at I’ll Be Seeing You is available for purchase on Amazon Music and Apple Music.

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