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Connie Han: Secrets of Inanna – Ep 81

About Connie Han

The goddess of love, beauty, and femininity. But also the goddess of war and ambition. A multi-faceted personality — simultaneously passionate and poised. Are we talking about Inanna, Aphrodite, Venus… Or pianist Connie Han?

Most audiences are familiar with more modern iterations of love goddesses, like Venus and Aphrodite. But Inanna’s history in Sumerian mythology surpasses her look-alikes. Her inexorable lust for power and conquest are juxtaposed with her extreme femininity (she is the goddess of fertility after all). Who says you can’t be both powerful and feminine?

This is exactly what drew Connie Han to Inanna’s story — and maybe because she saw a little of Inanna in herself. Dive into the world of Inanna through the lens of Connie’s latest album, “Secrets of Inanna.” Connie takes you on a breathtaking ride through ancient kingdoms, the underworld, and back again. Tune in for 10 minutes to find out more.


Learn more about Connie on her website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter . You can find Secrets of Inanna anywhere you stream music, and it’s available for purchase through Amazon Music.

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