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Christiane Karam: Nar – Episode 66

About Christiane Karam

Vocalist and composer Christiane Karam fuses a world of influences in her latest album, Nar. We hear western harmony, eastern melodies, Balkan rhythms, Hungarian folk tunes, and a few surprising influences like Pink Floyd and David Bowie. Christiane’s music melds these sounds together to unfold the shared experiences of humanity.

Some of those experiences are quite universal, like the heartache from a breakup. Others are shared by many around the globe, like the immigrant journey. And there are other experiences that no one would wish upon another, but still too many undergo — the tragedies brought by war and violence.

Born and raised in war-torn Beirut, Lebanon, Christiane is all too familiar with the calamities of conflict. But nothing could have prepared her for the pain inflicted by the Beirut explosion in August, 2020. It wasn’t just another newscast about a place a world away — those were Christiane’s family and friends. When the shock subsided and the tears finally flowed, it was her music that brought healing and peace.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about Christiane Karam and her latest album, Nar. Christiane opens up about her emotional journey while writing the song “Beirut,” describes the influences that shaped her music, and explains why the artist’s role is essential during a crisis.


Learn more about Christiane Karam on her website. Nar is available for purchase online.

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