40 Cyrille Aimée & Michael Valeanu: I’ll Be Seeing You

Cyrille Aimée and Michael Valeanu say their work as a duo started when their band couldn’t make it to a gig in Ohio because of a snowstorm – but after the response from the audience, they realized they could keep it going. One time in Milan, they had four encores as a duo! Their album I’ll Be Seeing You reflects their collaboration and relationship over the last decade.

38 Jonathan Karrant: Shadows Fall

Jonathan Karrant didn’t grow up in the heart of Manhattan or Los Angeles, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream career. Though he may be from a small town in Arkansas, he didn’t hesitate to move to New York City straight out of high school, where he found himself on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera and American Ballet Theater, before striking out for California and finally settling into the show business of Las Vegas.

37 Simon Moullier: Countdown

“We’re trying to transcend our instruments. I think all musicians in general are trying to get to that point. When you get to a great way of expression you don’t really think about the medium, the instrument, anymore. You’re just in full expression and connection with the music.”

35 Alexa Tarantino: Firefly

Alexa Tarantino’s album Firefly is her third recording as a leader in the last three years. In this episode, she walks us through the composition process on tunes like “The Firefly Code,” “Surge Capacity” and “Daybreak” while also talking about the unique process of recording during a pandemic.

21 Gretchen Parlato: Flor

Gretchen Parlato, the award winning, Grammy-nominated, internationally touring jazz vocalist, just released a new album FLOR – available today – which is her first album in several years after taking a step back to focus on being a mom! ⁠We talk about the songs on the album – why it was inspired by Brazilian Music,Continue reading “21 Gretchen Parlato: Flor”

20 Derrick Gardner: A Ride to the Other Side

Down to earth, good humored, talented; any of these adjectives would perfectly describe trumpeter Derrick Gardner. He’s a professor at the University of Manitoba, as well as a gregarious bandleader and composer. Join me as we talk about his various projects with his past band, The Jazz Prophets, his latest project, the Big DIg Band.