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Bryan Carter: I Believe – Ep 77

About Bryan Carter

Meet Bryan Carter, a drummer, singer, composer, and arranger extraordinaire. His latest album, I Believe, isn’t your typical straight-ahead jazz album. It’s a mixtape of his many musical influences, or in other words, “Black American Music through the lens of a jazz musician.” 

Not only does I Believe groove the heck out of each song — it’s also a deeply personal coming of age and coming out story. But the story is subtly told through the lyrics of well-known songs. Listen closely to the words, and you’ll catch Bryan’s meaning. 

Get to know Bryan Carter and the experiences that made him the musician he is today. Bryan dives into the composition process of each tune and what they mean to him. Most importantly, he opens up about his personal journey of learning to accept and love himself. 


Learn more about Bryan Carter on his website. You can find I Believe anywhere you stream music, and it’s available for purchase through Bryan’s website or through Amazon Music.

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