48 Terence Thompson: If I Only Had A Band

Terence Thompson brings his positivity and joy for life into his album If I Only Had A Band. Whether it’s embracing the day through his track “Good Morning,” or feeling welcomed into a warm, inviting restaurant like in “Yassie’s Cafe,” If I Only Had A Band will have you feeling good for all 20 tracks.

45 Rebecca Angel: Love, Life, Choices

Love, Life, Music. Jazz vocalist Rebecca Angel’s latest album reflects her journey through the last year. Each song, whether it’s reggae, bossa nova, pop, or jazz, drives the theme of the album. And Rebecca Angel isn’t afraid to open up about the stories behind her music.

44 Jeremy Pelt – Griot: This is Important!

The term “griot” originates from a West African tradition of a traveling storyteller, poet, or musician. They journeyed abroad sharing tales of those who came before in order to pass on their ancestor’s traditions. Trumpeter, educator, producer, and now author Jeremy Pelt has become a griot for the tradition of jazz in America.

40 Cyrille Aimée & Michael Valeanu: I’ll Be Seeing You

Cyrille Aimée and Michael Valeanu say their work as a duo started when their band couldn’t make it to a gig in Ohio because of a snowstorm – but after the response from the audience, they realized they could keep it going. One time in Milan, they had four encores as a duo! Their album I’ll Be Seeing You reflects their collaboration and relationship over the last decade.

39 Caity Gyorgy: Now Pronouncing

At 23-years-old, Caity Gyorgy is already an adept lyricist, songwriter, arranger, and bandleader. Her latest EP Now Pronouncing showcases her talents along with her hand-picked 10 piece band. Inspired by the music and cinema of the 50s and 60s, her original tunes fit right within the vein of the Great American Songbook.