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Andrew Renfroe: Run in the Storm – Episode 46

About Andrew Renfroe

The title of guitarist Andrew Renfroe’s latest album was inspired by a family history legend. When he was a kid, his family was caught in a terrible thunderstorm off the coast of Florida — so bad that the whole family almost drowned. But, they survived due to one key principle — when the waves are rocky, you can’t be still. You have to “run” headfirst into the waves. Only by staying in constant motion were they able to live to share their story.

When Andrew found himself in the stormy waters of his life — including ending a long-term relationship, among other big life changes — he knew had to do the same thing. Keep trucking, keep moving ahead, always maintaining that forward motion.

In this episode of Bite-Size Jazz, guitarist Andrew Renfroe opens up about the inspiration behind his album Run in the Storm and his compositional process. From harmonies inspired by Olivier Messiaen, to learning how to incorporate electric sounds in an acoustic band, Andrew’s music carries a unique sound. Listen to the full interview to learn more!

“If you know anything about being on a boat, it’s that you can’t be still — if you get sideways then you capsize. You literally have to make sure you’re pointed into the waves so you won’t sink. In life, you also have to keep trucking, keeping moving forward, and keep a forward vision.”

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Learn more about Andrew Renfroe at You can find Run in the Storm anywhere you stream music. It’s also available for purchase on Amazon Music.

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